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Rod Shegem

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About Rod

Rod Shegem is a seasoned business leader primarily known for his accomplishments in the automotive industry. Living and working in Huntington Beach, California, Rod has well over a decade of professional experience.

Rod’s interest in racing, and in cars in general, was first piqued at a very young age. He remembers watching Formula One on television during his formative childhood years, which inspired him to try out go-kart racing on his own time. As he got older, he was first able to get his feet wet in the automotive industry by working as a mechanic. From there, he became a Research and Development Manager at Saleen, an American manufacturer of specialty sports cars and automotive parts. He served as Director of Production at Saleen until 2010.

In 2010, Rod started his own auto export company, and he successfully ran it through 2014. He then went back to racing with Lamborghini and Mercedes AMG as a Racing Director for a race team which competed in Pirelli World Challenge (North America’s top production car-based racing championship) among other series.

Rod Shegem served as Chief Racing Director at Dime Racing, an Irvine, California-based company specializing in innovative technologies originating from racing. An innovation-driven leader himself, Rod oversaw the company’s success across multiple divisions that define their proficiency in the automotive field. The mission of the company is summed up in a few simple but key words: “We race to win.” This is applicable not only to the races themselves, but to the highly advanced research and technological development that goes into everything Dime Racing has done.

Dime Racing has earned press and recognition across various outlets including but not limited to Sportscar365, News Republic, and Xposition PR & Kommunikation. The company is distinguished in the automotive field by their expertise in technology, design, data management and calibration, and electronics. Some of the drivers with whom Dime Racing has collaborated over the years are Frankie Montecalvo and Jonathan Summerton.

Rod’s overall experience with management, marketing strategy, negotiation, and team-building, combined with his industry expertise, has led him to find success in the automotive field. Keep up with this blog for Rod Shegem’s stories, photos, and other content from his time with Dime Racing. For more about Rod, check out his professional overview website or his personal blog.