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The fully certified, fully street-legal limited edition DIME Racing GT is a beautiful sight to see. Based off the 2017 AMG GT, the DIME GT was designed and engineered around the upgraded 745 horsepower engine. Featuring a DIME Racing designed and engineered suspension, aero package, wheels, and cooling package, the combined performance enhancements created an exclusive track-capable experience that was developed from DIME’s broad knowledge and participation in a multitude of racing series, including Pirelli World Challenge.

The exterior is crafted from aerospace prepreg carbon fiber to maximize stiffness and strength and reduce the overall component weight. At the front end, the DIME Racing GT starts with a carbon fiber lower splitter to reduce lift at high speeds and increase front traction. To increase downforce and direct air towards the F1 inspired deflectors, canards are placed at the lower corners of the bumpers. This allows the deflectors to move air around the wider DIME Racing Wheels and Pirelli Trofeo R Tires. To help direct air underneath the car, the sides receive a carbon fiber side rocker extension skirt. This also adds an aggressive appearance to the GT.  On the back end, the GT receives a CFO tuned carbon fiber diffuser. This increases the lift and directs air outwards efficiently. The exhaust is placed in the center of the diffuser to balance the weight of the GT and to reduce drag. The GT is then fitted with a larger carbon fiber wing to increase high-speed downforce and utilize its power in an efficient and safe manner.

The powertrain of the DIME Racing GT takes the AMG 4.0-Liter V8 Biturbo power plant, used in the Mercedes-AMG GT production, to an entirely new level. Utilizing a brand new turbocharger and air intake box, the engine control unit was effectively remapped to adjust for the larger turbo and intake. This increases the output to the magnificent 745HP and 731 ft.-lb. of torque. To account for this increase in power and torque output, DIME upgraded the transmission control unit valve-body. DIME also overhauled the cooling system to ensure the engine stays at optimal temperature, both on the track and on the street.

For just a little over $150k each and producing only 100 units per year, the GT is sold at select Mercedes AMG dealers throughout the US. Every vehicle is cataloged and serialized with its own unique DIME Racing VIN, ensuring they remain authentic and collectible. With a bumper-to-bumper warranty and its own personalized Växjö watch from former Formula1 driver Stefan Johansson, the opportunity to be one of the few owners is on a first come, first serve basis.