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When it comes time for parents to teach their teenager to drive, it’s important to make sure that they are entirely comfortable in the car. Additionally, it’s imperative for teenagers to understand all the rules of the road. Parents should keep the following things in mind when teaching their teens how to drive:

Get Comfortable with the Car

Before taking the car out on the road, teenagers should begin their first lesson by getting comfortable with the vehicle. At this time, they should practice adjusting the steering wheel, seat, and mirrors to better accommodate them.

During this part of the lesson, teens should be sure to become familiar with these controls:

  • Seat and steering wheel adjustment
  • Turn signals
  • Wipers
  • Parking brake and release
  • Emergency lights
  • Headlights
  • Gas and brakes
  • Warning indicator lights for temperature, low fuel, and oil
  • Mirror adjustment
  • Safety features like seat belts and airbags

In addition to learning these controls, teens should know where the insurance card, car manual, and registration are.

Driving for the First Time

When driving for the first time, it’s best to start in a safe area. Empty parking lots are perfect for new drivers to practice driving straight, backing up, turning, pressing the gas, and using brakes.

Once teens become accustomed to these basic driving tactics, parents should encourage them to do the following:

  • Check mirrors frequently
  • Be on the lookout for hazards
  • Keep a safe distance from the car ahead
  • Always look ahead and look to each side frequently
  • Upgrade to Low-Traffic and Low-Speed Areas

As teens master the basic handling of the car, it’s time for them to get some practice on the roads. Parents should choose a quiet area with low-traffic and low-speed for their teen to get accustomed to driving on the road.

Beginners should pay attention to these basics:

  • Turns while using signals
  • Braking smoothly
  • Approaching intersections
  • Accelerating smoothly
  • Determining the right of way
  • Changing lanes
  • Maintaining the proper speed

These basics are just the beginning of a teen’s driving journey. As teens progress in their abilities, parents should ensure that they are competent and comfortable before letting them drive on their own.